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The Artists ‘ Quarter

We are a unique shopping destination for fashion, furniture, lifestyle, home, gifts and flooring.

Now Based in Pendle Village Mill on the main floor, The Artists’ Quarter are  suppliers of quality framed prints, canvas and original artwork. From landscapes to animal studies, abstract to quirky, we have a huge selection of art work from a fantastic selections of local artists and more well known ones. You can shop 7 days a week too.



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The Artists Quarter

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From minimal to multi-coloured, we’ve every style

The Artists' Quarter

Any room is a statement about its owner. The furniture is like the words; the colours like feelings; and the accessories? Well, we think the accessories are like the punctuation.

Finding the perfect look is about guiding the eyes around the room. It’s picking and placing the perfect pieces of art, stylish statuettes or even a simple throw.

That’s our aim in The Artists’ Quarter. From landscapes to animal studies, abstract to quirky, we have a huge selection of art works for you to chose from.

It’s not just wall art either. Ornaments, knick-nacks, cushions, throws, vases, bowls, boxes and… well, it would be impossible to list everything. You’ll just have to find out for yourself.

The Artists' Quarter



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